My wife wanted a nice family photo, but I can’t just do regular portraits. I had to make what was in my mind at the time, which was my three year old playing with starving, murderous and flying killer whales in the sky.

Illustration number two in my series of family portraits. I’m so tired of family photos displaying the same people, in the same setting, getting fatter and older around the same table. If you took each of those photos and put them in an animation it would be a sad three second blip of a human going through the three stages of the human conditions. So while I was searching for inspiration I happened upon a series of images made by a blogger named Venessa. In particular I liked one of the photos of her kid fishing in his own room, so I had to do like Picasso told us to.

I was contacted by the dude behind Dreams N Dragon that has created a quite remarkable app. This app can help anyone struggling to find meaning with their existence and has a cure for the feeling of not having a goal or a purpose in life. This often lead to depression and worse and the majority of people can’t afford or is never appointed to a psychologist or anyone that can actually help. Of course shit like this is close to my heart so I accepted the challenge. I had to create meta images of everyday people doing chores and slaying dragons at the same time.


By offering personal and uniquely illustrated images and products, we share your magic and make you the lead actor in your own adventure.

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